Bits from my personal collection – SSI – The small box years

SSI – The small box years

To continue my tour thru my sealed SSI collection – here’s most of my items from the small box era.

SSI started to move away from the large boxed format around 1984 to a smaller box format, the same format as the later Gold box games were released in.
If you ask me a really great format, sturdy boxes and as always with great artwork.

SSI went on developing what they knew best, simulation, strategy and war games but in the mid 1980s, two of SSI’s more prolific developers left to form their own company, SSG

SSI expanded into role-playing games in 1984 with titles such as Wizard’s Crown, Questron and the Phantasie series and in 1987 SSI acquired the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons license from TSR.

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