Bits from my personal collection – SSI, the Gold Box years

Here we have my sealed and very near to complete (missing a few) Gold Box collection (US releases). Some might ask why I would collect different variants etc.. the answer is extremely simple – I love gold, I love fantasy and AD&D, I love the Artwork and I love the challenge of finding these beauties, it has taking me close to 10 years to collect these (without breaking the bank)… I have ended up with a few duplicates along the way but hey that happens when you constantly keep upgrading the collection.

If you were into RPG’s in the early nineties you are probably familiar with SSI’s Gold Box series based on the AD&D tabletop games from TSR.
The games “shared” the same engine which was to be known as the Gold Box Engine..after the gold-colored boxes the majority of the games were released in.

With the success of CRPG’s like Ultima in the mid-eighties, TSR offered its AD&D property to the videogame companies. Ten companies amongst them EA, Origin, Sierra, and SSI applied for the license.
SSI smaller and less technically advanced unexpectedly won the license in 1987.
-And instead of doing a single AD&D game, SSI proposed a greater vision of multiple series of games that could become as sophisticated as TSR’s tabletop originals.

2 thoughts on “Bits from my personal collection – SSI, the Gold Box years

  1. Wow… very nice… working on completing a set without breaking the bank !
    As a side note, was the lead programmer of the Amiga version of POR.
    Very fond memory of working on such legendary serie.

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