Bits from my personal collection – Interplay

Here we have my sealed Interplay collection (only the small boxes).

No need for any introduction on Interplay, most know Interplay for their Fallout series and their Black Isle Studios division (Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale etc.). Long before the RPG revival in the late nineties Interplay really made a name for it self with some quality RPG titles developed in the mid-to-late 80’s.
Interplay was founded in 1983 by Brian Fargo and throughout the 80’s developed a great arsenal of mention a few: Wasteland and The Bard’s Tale series all of which were published by Electronic Arts.
In 1988 Interplay started to publish it’s own games which most of the earliest can be seen in the gallery below (excluding console releases).
Everybody’s favourite chess game “Battle Chess” was one of Interplays very first self published titles, released in 1988.

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