Bits from my personal collection – A book?

The idea of my blog has always been to portray the items in my collection with a bit of added depth and share it with anybody who might have an interest in not only the items but also the times, the developers, and the technology behind them. For quite some time I’ve been tinkering with the idea of turning my blog posts into content for a personal coffee table style book. Many thousands of hours have been spent on researching, writing, taking photos, capturing gameplay videos, etc. and I’ve only covered around half the collection. So far that has resulted in 160 published articles, constantly hovering around 60 in draft form, only needing bits and pieces to be completed.
With very little time to do all of this, running a company, and having three kids, one being just two, I must admit I’m starting to feel a bit burned out and I’m thinking of devoting more of my time to the book. While I’ll still be posting new articles some will be much shorter, probably just showcasing items – I’m thinking of calling these Quick-bits.

I admit that I’ve never been much of a writer and anything I write on my blog and will be put in the book is solely done on a hobby basis. I truly wish some of the articles could reach a more professional level but I also got to acknowledge my own limitations.
Anyway, the idea of having the articles along with the pictures in some kind of physical form is very appealing to me, heck maybe some of you will even show interest in having such a book.

I’ve slowly started experimenting with the layout and have done a few pages as proof of concept, which can be seen roughly mocked up below (click on a picture for a larger version).
PDF below the gallery.

To anybody who’s interested, the draft PDF (as spreads) can be seen/downloaded below – it’s covering a short, medium, and long article.

10 thoughts on “Bits from my personal collection – A book?

  1. I love the concept and art direction, but I prefer a more square book rather than a rectangular one. I know most artbooks nowadays are long, but I like them to fit in a normal bookshelf. Just my opinion.

    Great work!!

    1. Thanks, Yazid. Every input is appreciated. I haven’t completely settled on the aspect ratio of the book. If I choose this wide one, I’ll design and make a hardcover sleeve where the book will go in turned 90 degrees, meaning the cover sleeve will fit on a regular shelf.

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