Bits From my Personal Collection – The King of Chicago

I’m thinking of doing an article on Cinemaware sometime in the future (when I have a bit more time). For now, I’ll just do a few posts showing some of the company’s titles currently residing in my collection.

The very first release of The King of Chicago, released in 1986 for the monochrome Macintosh computer.
The game was designed by Doug Sharp who also did the unusual art style using digitized clay models for the heads. The Macintosh version was the only version to feature Sharp’s claymation all later versions would feature drawn artwork

On the top left, the original Macintosh version. Notice how different the game looks to the later ports for other platforms (Commodore Amiga screenshots)

The Commodore Amiga version (on the floor) was the second release, published in 1987. Sharp’s artwork was completely redone internally at Cinemaware, which would become the base for later releases.
The IBM/PC version (standing) was, like the Apple IIGS and Atari ST versions, released in 1988

The Apple IIGS version from 1988

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