V for Victory

V for Victory was a series of turn-based strategy games set during World War II. They were developed by Atomic Games and published by Three-Sixty Pacific.
Like many earlier computer adaptions of the table-top game’s genre, V for Victory used a hex-based map covering its area of action and used military markers to indicate the location of various units. The simple user interface where commands were given with a point’n’click interface and by using the mouse to drag units onto the playfield made it a much more enjoyable experience than most earlier titles in the genre.
The games played out in two phases; a planning phase where the player clicks and drags units to new locations, and an execution phase where the battle plans for the first phase are carried out.
The first game/scenario, D-Day Utah Beach, Atomic Games very first title, was released in 1991, and ended up as a best-seller and followed by three additional scenario packs.
You didn’t need the original game to play the later scenarios, which meant you could start the series in any order.
The V for Victory series won numerous awards and were praised for successfully have converted the board wargame to the computer.

Even at a young age, I had a great interest in history, World War II, and strategy games, so these titles were right up my alley.
I did play all the scenarios in my early to mid-teens and really liked them, that said I haven’t played them since so I’m quite sure how they would play today.

Below my sealed V for Victory collection.

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