Bits from my personal collection – Spectrum Holobyte

Spectrum Holobyte, Inc, founded in 1983 in Boulder, Colorado was an american video game developer and publisher. Best known for its simulation games, notably the WWII sub sim Gato in 1984. The # 1 in Billboard Magazine, Falcon series of flight simulators and for publishing the first version of Tetris outside the Soviet Union in 1987.

In December 1993, Spectrum HoloByte merged with MicroProse to form MicroProse Inc.
For the following years, games from both companies were published under their respective brands, but in 1996 all titles were consolidated under the MicroProse brand.

Hasbro Interactive acquired the merged company in 1998, and what had been Spectrum HoloByte ceased to exist when the development studio in Alameda was closed in 1999. Hasbro subsequently sold all the assets of the various Hasbro Interactive studios to Infogrames, including the Atari brand.

Here we have most of my sealed Spectrum collection.
Gato and F-16 Falcon in all their CGA glory was played quite a bit in my home in the mid eighties. My dad being a software engineer (and had been working for IBM) always had the newest and baddest IBM/PC equipment. I just loved using the IBM/PC. As probably one of the very few kids (at least here in Denmark) I had in my room the IBM XT 5150 with the Intel 8088 4.77MHz cpu, paired with the IBM 5151 Monochrome display (my brother and I still have both the computer and the monitor).. that computer is among my favourite things.

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