Bits from my personal collection – Mindcraft

Mindcraft Software was founded in 1989 by former main frame computer programmer Ali Atabek. Heavy inspired by Ultima II Ali created Rings of Zilfin for SSI back in 1986 with his wife and business partner Jim Thomas.

To publish his next title The Magic Candle Ali started Mindcraft Software.

The Magic Candle trilogy is known for its creative storyline and abundance of mini quests.The gist is that a demon is trapped in a candle, but once the candle burns down low enough, it will escape–and then all hell will break loose. Like Rings of Zilfin, The Magic Candle did not allow players to roll their own characters, but did allow them to build a party by selecting non-player characters found at the castle. The Magic Candle series predates the “henchman” system of later games like Neverwinter Nights.

Spanning from 1989 to 1997 Mindcraft developed 14 titles.

In 1998 Ali went on to be a producer at Interplay after closing down Mindcraft in 1997

Here we have my complete Mindcraft collection, all but two sealed.

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