Bits from my personal collection – SSI AD&D

SSI AD&D – Black boxes
Somebody asked to my Eye of the Beholder collection a few days back, also commonly known as the “Black Boxes” and since I have shown both Gold, Snow and Silver boxes.. here’s a few shots of some of my sealed Black Boxes:)

Eye of the Beholder a great RPG Dungeon Crawler was developed by Westwood and released in the beginning of 1991 it was succeeded later that year by EotB II – The legend of Darkmoon and in 1993 by EotB III – Assault on Myth Drannor, which wasn’t written by Westwood but in-house at SSI, since Westwood had been acquired by Virgin and was developing Lands of Lore instead.
EotB I sold around 130.000 copies and was for some time the number one at the Software Publishing Association list of Dos games.

Dungeon Master Assistant was as the name implies an application to assist dungeon masters in constructing adventures for AD&D.

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