Bits from my personal collection

I finally have started to sort out my collection a bit. I have been collecting for around 15 years but I have never really had anything on it’s pretty exciting digging through all the storage boxes and uncover all kinds of junk, treasures, surprises…
I’m primarily a sealed collector meaning I like my stuff mint and untouched..that has shown more and more difficult over the last few years. We have seen an extreme rise in the number of people collecting as a result prices for popular and rare items have skyrocketed.


My focus has primarily been on adventure games from the late-seventies to around 1994-95. I really like the old big boxes a lot. In my opinion, the boxes kinda change to the worse in the mid-nineties…the boxes started to get even bigger but with no content to fill them.. usually only a cd and a small insert. Their design went to a flimsy metrosexual box with bad artwork…ok maybe I just don’t like them very much just like those damn jewel cases.


Spanning well over a decade my collection has expanded from just “a few” games, I loved and played as a kid, to well over 3000 sealed games and over 500 zip-locks from bygone eras. Some rare, some expensive, some cheap, some obscure…

In the future I’ll post more info on collecting, where to look, who to know, how to bid/trade/buy, search mechanisms, bid sniping etc… and of course show some pretty exciting stuff from my own personal collection.

Below is a few snapshots showing a bit of sorting and display – much more to come.

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