Bits from my personal collection

I finally have started to sort out my collection a bit. I have been collecting for around 15 years but I have never really had anything on it’s pretty exciting digging through all the storage boxes and uncover all kinds of junk, treasures, surprises…
I’m primarily a sealed collector meaning I like my stuff mint and untouched.. which has shown more and more difficult over the last years. We have seen an extreme rise in the number of people collecting as a result prices for popular and rare items have skyrocketed.


My focus has primarily been on adventure games from the late-seventies to around 1994-95. I really like the old big boxes a lot. In my opinion, the boxes kinda change for the worse in the mid-nineties. The boxes started to grow even bigger, the artwork slowly getting sad and boring and with the only content to fill them usually being a cd and a small insert…ok maybe I just don’t like them very much just like those damn jewel cases.


Spanning well over a decade my collection has expanded from just “a few” games, I loved and played as a kid, to well over 3000 sealed games and over 500 zip-locks from bygone eras. Some rare, some expensive, some cheap, some obscure…

Below is a few snapshots of a small part of my collection, showing a bit of sorting and display – much more to come.

2 thoughts on “Bits from my personal collection

  1. I am very interested in where You buy these sealed games from. Are You sure they are all complete? It is no problem to buy used game and makes it sealed now. It i spossible to find some auctions of sealed 8-bit games on ebay but I always start to thinking if they are really 100% authentic.
    Kindest regards.

    1. Thanks for the message. Well, first of you have to know what to look for before buying sealed games. Always do your research before paying a premium for what you hope is a factory-sealed item. I have bought a few items over the years that turned out to be resealed but it can be difficult to determine from pictures.
      Do bear in mind that my collection is the work of almost 25 years, I haven’t just stumbled upon them and snatched them up over a short period of time, my collection has required countless hours of research, searching, making deals, etc…
      With prices skyrocketing over the last few years and many turning them into graded trophies I’ve mostly lost interest in sealed items and many will be put up for sale over the next years.
      Best wishes

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