By 1983 Pat Kethcum‘s Datasoft had become one of the most successful software companies in the home computer business. His company now included a staff of around 50, including 14 in-house programmers. Ketchum’s exceptional sales, marketing, and people skills had helped him secure a number of licenses to famous franchises many materializing as popular game titles.

In 1919, American pulp writer Johnston McCulley had introduced Zorro, a masked swordsman, and vigilante, defending the oppressed people of Spanish California during the 19th century. The Zorro character quickly gained popularity and his appearance in books, films, TV shows, and comic books throughout the 20th century made him an iconic figure in popular culture.

During the 1980s, there was a renewed interest in Zorro, resulting in the production of new films, and TV shows. In 1985, the Zorro character was introduced to a new generation of fans, when Datasoft designer and programmer James Garon, along with Kelly Day, John Ludin, Roy Langston, and Terry Shakespeare created the action-adventure Zorro, a game that would become one of the company’s most successful titles.

Datasoft’s Zorro featured a mix of slow-paced action, platforming, and puzzle-solving. Evil Sergeant Garcia has kidnapped a beautiful senorita and imprisoned her in his heavily guarded fort. Travel through 20 screens of puzzles and perils, find crucial objects and clues, and rescue the senorita in distress.

Zorro was published by Datasoft in 1985 for the Apple II, Atari 8-bit, and Commodore 64

Zorro has some interesting, yet obscure puzzles. Mostly you need to pick up something in one place and use it in another.
You begin with 2.200 Bonus Points, the longer it takes to complete a certain task the lower the bonus counter goes.

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