Mr. Do!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mr. Do, a new hero born to conquer the arcades and the quarters of those who visit. Inspired by Dig Dug, released only a few months earlier, Universal designed its own compelling take on a unique and charming arcade game. Released in 1982, Mr. Do! became the first arcade conversion kit, allowing arcade owners to convert older cabinets, extending the lifespan while offering a new game experience for players. Mr. Do! quickly became a hit and sold nearly 30.000 units in North America alone. For the following two years, it would remain the best-selling conversion kit on the market, with Taito publishing it in Japan, further expanding its reach. The game’s success paved the way for several arcade sequels and ports and spin-offs to the home computer market.

In 1984, Datasoft released Mr. Do! for the Apple II, Commodore 64, and Atari 8-bit. The home computer versions were similar to the arcade version, but the graphics and sound were simplified. Despite these limitations, the home computer versions were well-received and helped to popularize the game beyond the arcade.

Datasoft published Mr. Do! for the Apple II in 1984

Control Mr. Do, a cute whimsical clown character, dig tunnels, collect cherries, occasionally drop a giant apple on an unlucky enemy, or simply blast them with your Powerball

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