The Sands of Egypt

Although Datasoft was primarily recognized for its variety of arcade conversions and licensed action games, the company did venture into the graphic text adventure genre with a few titles. Among them was The Sands of Egypt, a graphic text adventure written by James Garon, Ralph Burris, and Steve Bjork of Datasoft. Originally designed for the TRS-80 Color Computer in 1982, the game was licensed to Tandy Corporation and became the first disk-only game for its Color Computer. Over the next few years, Datasoft ported the game to the Atari 8-bit line of home computers in 1982 and the Apple II in 1983.

Set in 1893, the game follows the story of Lord Charles Buckingham III, a prominent British explorer, and archaeologist who finds himself hopelessly lost in the Egyptian desert after a band of nomads attacked his expedition party. Armed only with his trusty compass, Buckingham wanders the desert in search of water and civilization, and might even discover an ancient treasure along the way.

James Garon, Ralph Burris, and Steve Bjork‘s graphic text-adventure, The Sands of Egypt was converted from the TRS-80 Color Computer by Frank Cohen and published for the Atari 8-bit family in 1983 by Datasoft.

The sands of Egypt lacked a substantial storyline and relied strongly on perseverance and patience just like nearly every other graphic text adventure of its time.
The screen was split in two with the upper part showing the location, often beautifully depicted and even animated. The lower part contained the parser interface

Sources: Wikipedia

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