Q-Bits from my personal collection – Thrax Lair

Welcome to another Quick Bits article. I’m giving Rantom Microcomputer Software’s few games a go and will be doing a few very small blog posts, nothing more than a short write-up, a few pictures, and a gameplay video.

Created by Randy Turner, Thrax Lair is a vertically scrolling shooter, published in 1982 for the Atari 400/800 by Rantom Microcomputer Software.
A version for the Commodore 64 was planned, but never released.

Thrax Lair was published by Rantom Microcomputer Software for the Atari 400/800 in 1982

Viewed from a top-down perspective, the player controls a pterodactyl-like creature on a raid into an underground lair of insects. Score points by shooting energy burst to kill any enemies in front or to the side of you, the faster you fly the more points are earned

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