Q-Bits From my Personal Collection – Hyperlight Patrol

Welcome to another Quick Bits article. I haven’t been able to find much information on Hyperlight Patrol or its creator Warren Greene and since I have no means of trying the floppy at the moment (and couldn’t locate one online) this will, for now, just be a few pictures. I’m going to revisit it if I come across more information or get the game working.

Hyperlight Patrol was written by war games and war technology expert Warren L. Greene, with the intention of creating a science-fiction space conflict simulation for the TRS-80 computer. As the commander of a single star-cruiser. You have been sent to a remote border region to investigate the reported presence of elements of an Empire invasion fleet consisting of unknown numbers of four different classes of ships. Your mission is to make a reconnaissance of the entire area and report all enemy forces located. You will attempt to destroy those forces that can be engaged without jeopardizing your search.

Warren Greene’s Hyperlight Patrol was released for the TRS-80 in 1980 by Al Loose’s Fantastic Software out of Las Vegas, Nevada.
In the early days, products were often published by local computer stores or small publishing establishments, which led to mistakes not being caught before production and distribution. Here, Warren’s last name is spelled wrong on the cover

As one of only a few third-party developed titles, Hyperlight Patrol could utilize the $400 TRS-80 Voice Synthesizer sold in Radio Shack stores. The device plugged directly into the TRS-80 Model 1’s expansion port and worked by outputting words already broken into phonemes, small units of sound that put together created a simulated voice output

Sources: TRS-80.org

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