Bits from my personal collection – Display Cabinet #11

For a long time, I’ve been tinkering with the idea of doing a series of elaborate videos, in a show-and-tell fashion, showcasing the items that I currently have on display. Unfortunately, with everything else going on I simply don’t have the time and the grand vision has to become a future project (I’ll also need a better camera, a proper microphone, and probably some better lighting). For now, I’ve just done a small quick video of my 11th display cabinet. Over the following months, whenever I have a bit of time, I’ll continue the journey and hopefully get a chance to show everything I have on display.

Display cabinet #11 contains a few assorted titles along with some of my Autodesk, Microsoft, and IBM titles.

Cabinet #1, Cabinet #2, Cabinet #3, Cabinet #4, Cabinet #5, Cabinet #6, Cabinet #7, Cabinet #8

2 thoughts on “Bits from my personal collection – Display Cabinet #11

  1. Love the second shelf from the top, I’m very jealous of that shelf. Can I get more info/pictures on the Autodesk box, being a former AutoCAD man myself?

    1. Sorry, I somehow missed your comment. AutoCAD is R11.
      While I was living in the states in the mid-’90s I took some CAD classes but I quickly switched to 3d Studio (3dsmax) and have being doing 3D, VFX, and animation ever since. AutoCAD has a small place in my heart:)

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