Space Quest I-V playthroughs on my YouTube

While both artists Mark Crowe and programmer Scott Murphy had been involved in previous titles from Sierra On-Line the duo, known as the Two Guys From Andromeda, was ready to leave the company’s overly used fairy tale setting behind and design their own edgy and humorous sci-fi game.
In their spare time, the two programmed a small part of what would eventually become the first rooms in the Arcada spaceship in Space Quest I and showed it to Ken Williams who loved it and greenlighted the project. Crowe created the graphics, animation, key puzzles, and general storyline while Murphy programmed and provided sarcastic humor and dialog. Space Quest I: Chapter I – The Sarien Encounter quickly became a hit when released in the autumn of 1986, selling around 200,000 copies and spawning one of adventure gaming’s most beloved series. By 1996 the series had seen six original released titles and around 1.2 million sold copies.

Space Quest I: Chapter I – The Sarien Encounter, Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy’s first installment in their Space Quest series, published by Sierra On-Line in October of 1986

Space Quest II: Vohaul’s Revenge, published by Sierra On-Line in November of 1987.
The game continues the story of space janitor Roger Wilco with a small comic in the manual explaining how he went from hero to zero, now as a head janitor (and the only janitor) on one of the Xenon Orbital Stations where the game picks up. Space Quest II received much critical acclaim when released and was considered not only a worthy sequel but also a better game. The title went on to sell around 100.000 copies in the time following the release

Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon, published by Sierra On-Line in March of 1989.
The Pirates of Pestulon was the first game in the series to be developed using the first installment of the Sierra Creative Interpreter (SCI0) allowing for soundcard support, mouse control, and higher resolution 16 color EGA graphics. The story picks up where the second title left off with Roger Wilco hurtling through space, sleeping in his escape pod when picked up by a garbage freighter. Space Quest III was received with positive reviews, praised for its audio and visuals, all while staying true to the franchise, being full of humorous and sarcastic references to sci-fi movies and TV Shows (and to a big-time software developer).

Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers, published by Sierra On-Line in March of 1991.
Space Quest IV was the first game in the series to feature 256 color VGA graphics and a full mouse-driven point and click interface. The hand-drawn backgrounds and rotoscoped characters resulted in the game costing more than a million dollars to produce but it quickly went on to outsell its three predecessors, combined.
A multimedia release with full voice acting was released in December of 1992 and was received with extremely positive reviews. Sierra’s King’s Quest V had earlier tried adapting to a new multimedia benchmark but its extremely subpar voice acting had left most buyers disappointed, Space Quest IV shoved when done right, multimedia versions was the future of adventure game. Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers was, by many, considered the perfect multimedia game and also one of the funniest ever made, unfortunately, it would be the last to be designed by the Two Guys from Andromeda, following its release Mark Crowe left Sierra and joined Dynamix in Oregon.
This is the 1992 multimedia release

Space Quest V: Roger Wilco – The Next Mutation, published by Sierra On-Line in February of 1993.
Unlike earlier titles which all were developed in-house at Sierra,Space Quest V was developed at Dynamix in Oregon. Following the release of the fourth title Mark Crow left Sierra and joined the Dynamix team. Due to Dynamix’s financial situation, the company wanted to keep focus on new titles and not rereleases resulting in a a multimedia version with voice acting never materializing

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