I know that in the grand scheme of internet things 30.000 views is merely an infinity small drop in the ocean, but in my world, it’s an astronomical big drop.

What started out, a few years ago, as a small simple blog where I would post pictures from my collection slowly turned from a few photos to lengthy articles covering the history, the developers, the technology, and the times behind some of the items in my collection.
Now 30.000 views, 100 posts, 1.500 pictures, and around 200.000 words later, I’m sitting here astounded by the interest you and thousands of other amazing people have shown.

The retro computer gaming community has exploded over the last decade and with social media, it’s been easier than ever to connect and share a common passion. Over the years I have connected with countless great, inspiring, and fascinating people from all walks of life, from collectors, old-school gamers, to archivists and museum curators. It’s been an amazing journey that I only hope will continue and hopefully, the future still will allow me a bit of spare time to continue writing.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for visiting.

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