Andy Hoyos’ Limited editions giclee of the original acrylic compositions for King’s Quest V

King’s Quest art director, Andy Hoyos, did these beautiful acrylic paintings for the VGA version of King’s Quest V – Absence Makes the Heart go Yonder! The originals were scanned in and used digital in the game.
Video Game Art Gallery issued these two works of fine art – Limited editions giclee to 50 copies each, in 2014 and 2015.
Both my copies are numbered 2/50 and are hand-signed by Andy Hoyos.

While these are treasured items in my collection, I’m thinking of putting them up for auction on ebay sometimes in the near future. I’m trimming down my collection a bit – these should, of course, be enjoyed and not put away into storage.

Wizard’s Island, from 2014
Gamers of all stripes remember the moment when the mermaid Pearl leads King Graham across dangerous waters to reach the island home of the evil wizard Mordack, who has imprisoned Graham’s royal family. Wizard’s Island gleams with the hallmarks of Sierra art from the period.
It is printed on beautiful 21 x 26″ archival inkjet print, is numbered and hand-signed by Andy Hoyos and is part of a limited edition of 50.

Crispin’s House, from 2015
It depicts the sleepy Serenia home of the wizard Crispin, owner of King Graham’s traveling companion Cedric the owl. The cottage is overgrown but tranquil and the surrounding vegetation hints at the beauty, danger, and glory that lies in wait for the gamer with its expressive trees, and glimpse of white-capped mountains and diverse flora.
It is an 11 x 14 inch image printed on 15 x 18 inch archival inkjet print  and is numbered and hand-signed by the artist. It is part of a limited 

3 thoughts on “Andy Hoyos’ Limited editions giclee of the original acrylic compositions for King’s Quest V

  1. Any plans to sell or auction these on ebay?

    I’m very keen to buy a print of each.

    KQV is my all-time favourite adventure game from my childhood.

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