Day of the Tentacle

Dave Grossman and Tim Schafer’s masterpiece, Day of the Tentacle.
Developed and published by LucasArts and released simultaneously on disk and CD-ROM in 1993.
It was a first that both a floppy and an enhanced edition was released at the same time.
The CD-Rom version featured audible dialog.

Both Grossman and Schafer had previously assisted Ron Gilbert with the creation of The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge and with their humor, Lucas felt it matched well with that of the original Maniac Mansion from 1987 and suggested they started work on a sequel.
I really loved the artwork, puzzles, and the crazy humor and by twisting it all in with some American history the game had a lot to offer story-wise all entangled with our 3 protagonists each playing in either the past, the present, or the future – sharing object by flushing them in the Chron-o-Johns (portable toilets) was an ingenious idea and really made the game unique.

The game has time and time again been critically acclaimed as one of the very best graphic adventures – by 2009 it had sold around 80,000 copies which only would make it a moderate success, commercial wise.
Schafer’s Double Fine Production developed and released a remastered version in 2016.

Below a few of the various releases from my collection – The original sealed US floppy disk release, the original sealed US CD-ROM release, a sealed US CD-ROM Macintosh release, the original sealed German CD-ROM release, and the more rare triangle box (which was released as a promotional item). I do have a few more items in storage so might add a few pictures in the future.

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