Sam and Max Hit the Road

Based on Steves Purcell’s late eighties comics “Sam & Max”, which are featuring Sam, a brown-coated Irish Wolfhound and a hyperkinetic three-foot rabbity thing called Max. Together they are the “Freelance Police”, or lets just call them what they really are – a couple of vigilante private investigators. The whole setting and the characters that inhabits it really parodies American pop culture of the time.
The comic series was pretty successful despite its relatively limited amount of exposure. In 1993 however the franchise did gain a more widespread recognition when LucasArts released Sam & Max Hit the Road, based on Purcell’s Sam & Max comic “On The Road”, which cultivated a renewed interest in Purcell’s original comics.
Sam & Max Hit the Road is well regarded as an exceptional good and wacky adventure game and to this day is in my book one of the most iconic classic adventure games of the early 1990s.
Subsequent video games and the television series have also fared well with both critics and fans, but nothing beats the original LucasArts game.

A really good time together and few words of wisdom:)
I recently replayed the talkie version with my 5 year old son, which by the way only understands a few words and phrases in English, but Purcell’s art and awesome animation is just a universal language and for all ages -we had an absolutely blast, laughing and just enjoying the game and the time spent together.
I’m a big fan of storytelling and think these old gems really are a good way to show our kids how important storytelling is in games, especially in this day and age where a good story is hard to find, heck most games doesn’t even have a story….yikes.
As a small sidenote; I lived in the states in the mid nineties and I really think the game in it’s own wacky way depicts american pop-culture around that time.

Below we have my sealed Sam and Max copies, all different versions -and a signed box by designers Michael Stemmle and Sean Clark

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