Bits from my personal collection – Quest for Glory

Here we have some of my sealed Quest for Glory items.

Quest for Glory is probably the serie from Sierra I played the least (yes I know). I did play the original Hero’s Quest and QFQ3. I do love the EGA graphics on QFQ2.. wonderful indeed.
Sierra On-Line developed and published 5 Quest for Glory games from 1989 to 1998. All games featuring both adventure and rpg game elements.

My original sealed Hero’s Quest is one of my favourite Sierra On-Line items.. Quest For Glory was originally named Hero’s Quest, but the name was later changed due to a conflict with Milton Bradley over their board game Hero Quest, therefor not very many sealed and brand new releases exist.

Engagdet has a great article “The Glory of Quest for Glory” which can be found here.

GOG has a great Quest for Glory pack containing all 5 games here.

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