Bits from my personal collection – Quest for Glory

Here we have some of my sealed Quest for Glory items.
Quest for Glory is probably the series from Sierra I played the least (yes I know). I did play the original Hero’s Quest and QFQ3. I do love the EGA graphics on QFQ2.. wonderful indeed.
Sierra On-Line developed and published 5 Quest for Glory games from 1989 to 1998. All games featuring both adventure and rpg game elements.
Quest For Glory was originally named Hero’s Quest, but the name was later changed due to a conflict with Milton Bradley over their board game Hero Quest.

I’ll be doing an extensive article on Quest for Glory some time in the future.

Engadget has a great article “The Glory of Quest for Glory” which can be found here.

GOG has a great Quest for Glory pack containing all 5 games here.

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