Bits from my personal collection – Display Cabinet #7

For a long time, I’ve been tinkering with the idea of doing a series of elaborate videos, in a show-and-tell fashion, showcasing the items that I currently have on display. Unfortunately, with everything else going on I simply don’t have the time and the grand vision has to become a future project (I’ll also need a better camera, a proper microphone, and probably some better lighting). For now, I’ve just done a small quick video of my seventh display cabinet. Over the following months, whenever I have a bit of time, I’ll continue the journey and hopefully get a chance to show everything I have on display.

Display cabinet #7 contains my Infocom and most of my Electronic Arts titles.

Cabinet #1, Cabinet #2, Cabinet #3, Cabinet #4, Cabinet #5, Cabinet #6, Cabinet #8, Cabinet #9, Cabinet#10, Cabinet #11

11 thoughts on “Bits from my personal collection – Display Cabinet #7

    1. Hi Cory, thanks for the message and kind words:)
      My best bet would be on eBay but it’s quite elusive. I think I’ve seen one, maybe two over the last handful of years.
      -You can always try and ask in the Apple II Enthusiast group on Facebook.

  1. What is the description of the game called “357”? Was it released outside of English-speaking countries?

  2. Infocom, now you’re speaking my language! I’m a touch jealous you can sit and stare at this display cabinet if you’ve got the time. Keep up the good work/blog 🙂

    1. Thanks for the message and kind words, I do enjoy every single item and there’s nothing better than pulling out an item, opening it up, and looking at everything that came included back then.

      1. That’s why we collect these games – the memories of good times, the feelings, the nostalgia 🙂

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