Bits from my personal collection – Laf Pak

A few days ago I did a short post about Akalabeth (the C64 conversion), which can be found here, and thought to myself -I have this rare oddity called Laf Pak and it has really one or two things in common with Akalabeth, Wait what… what could that possibly be you say, well only peripheral things in common but still…

Chuck Bueche (Chuckles) is probably most known for having founded Origin Systems with Richard Garriot, Richards older brother Robert and their father Owen, back in 1983.
Two years before in 1981, aged 21, Chuck did his first own game, the year after a few more titles were added to the list, some of which are still appreciated and collectible to this day; Lunar Leeper, Creepy Corridors, Jawbreaker II, and of course Laf Pak.
Below a few SierraVision titles, from my collection, created by Chuckles.
Chuck also programmed boot up animations for Richard Garriott’s Ultima 1 (Akalabeth) and Ultima 2.

Chuck’s first game was called Brainteaser Boulevard!, this one ended up being published by California Pacific Software company in 1981, the same company which picked up Richard Garriott’s Akalabeth.
Below my copy of Brainteaser Boulevard!Billede-24-08-2018-11.22.09
Chuck also made several appearances in the Ultima series of games as the court jester, thereby getting his nickname Chuckles.

in 1982 Chuck did his first compilation of 4 games this was called Laf Pak, this was Chucks second published game title, and was released by On-Line Systems (Later Sierra On-Line) for the Apple II home computer – This is the only version released to my knowledge, I have seen a few different labels on the floppy but all of them have been for the Apple II system.
Chuck programmed all 4 games, some of them are typical of the day, with roots to the classic arcade games, like Asteroid. 

The 4 games in the compilation (or Pak as it was called) was Creepy Corridors, a maze game that ended up with its own release from SierraVision (Sierra’s arcade label at the time), Apple Zap, Space Race and Mine Sweep. The last 3 games were “Simple” arcade games which I haven’t seen mentioned later on.
The compilation wasn’t very successful and to use Chuck’s own words “Some of the games could have been better“. But from what I have heard and seen from Chuck, he is a very modest man.

Below is my White label Laf Pak copy, a gold label (like so many of Sierra’s early games had) also exist. I have only seen around 3 white-label in existence, surely more exist, if you have this or the one with a gold label I would love to hear about it.

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