Bits from my personal collection – TSR

TSR (Tactical Studies Rules, inc)
The masters of non-computerised rpg’s, known for publishing the original tabletop roleplaying game “Dungeon & Dragons back in 1974.

TSR Hobbies was formed in 1975 as a separate division to market miniatures and games from different companies.
In 1982 TSR Hobbies released 3 home computer games, for the Apple II – To my knowledge these are the only games released but if anybody has more info I would love to expand my knowledge (not very much info exist on these old gems).

Below we have my 3 sealed releases.

Was a Hi-res dungeon crawler for the Apple II done over the original 1975 adventure board game that simulated some aspects of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game which was released the year before.
The game supported up to 8 players

Thesus and the minotaur
A primitive 3rd person dungeon crawler.
Cover art by fantasy artist Larry Elmore, who did a lot of D&D artwork (also know for his SnarfQuest strip in the old Dragon Magazine – some might remember the 2015 fantasy point and click game kickstarter)

Dawn patrol
Dawn Patrol originally called Fight for the Skies was a board wargame written by Mike Carr which models World War I style air combat. Carr began working on the game after watching the movie The Blue Max.
In 1982 a Hi-res computer version was released for the Apple II.


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