I’m a f…. genius – Grim Fandango


Tim’s neo-noir take on Mexican folklore will be revised

grim-fandango-box-2As you may or may not have heard Tim Schafer’s master piece “Grim Fandango” is getting a remake..this was announced just the other day at E3. In collaboration with Sony, Double Fine (Tim’s company) is bringing this classic to life on the Playstation 4 and PS Vita – and for the love of god let’s hope it will show up on other devices as well. As someone commented on the Sony Press Conference video on Youtube “do these console peanuts even know what Grim Fandango is” You can watch the E3 event below – I’m still recovering, maybe one of the best news for fans of the genre for 15 years..or maybe 18 years (when the original was first announced). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Nw8vFvJcUA 2 Player Production (the one who so beautiful documented Double Fine Adventure) has done a 12 minute mini documentary it’s well worth a watch – Go here to watch it Reminds me I need to take well care of my sealed and signed copy:)

Update: Doublefine has just announced on Twitter that Grim Fandango also will be released on PC, Mac and Linux… Guess god have heard the outcry from the fans.

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